Class 11 Biology Notes Chapter wise PPT

Class 11 Biology Notes Chapter wise PPT

Class 11 Biology notes Chapter wise PPT are help students to prepare well for the examinations. The Class 11 Biology Notes have been prepared by subject experts and covers each chapter in detail. also, these Notes involve both the questions and answers of Biology which are most importent to board examination as wel as NEET exam. Biology consists of definitions, diagrams, and more. It consists of various chapters that require students to grasp the concepts well. So, these PPT Notes on Class 11 Biology aims to simplify all this. In addition to the theory, it contains detailed information that can help students with their exams.

Class 11 Biology Notes for All Chapters

Chapter 1 – The Living World
Chapter 2 – Biological Classification
Chapter 3 – Plant Kingdom
Chapter 4 – Animal Kingdom
Chapter 5 – Morphology of Flowering Plants
Chapter 6 – Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Chapter 7 – Structural Organisation in Animals
Chapter 8 – Cell: The Unit of Life
Chapter 9 – Biomolecules
Chapter 10 – Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Chapter 11 – Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Chapter 12 – Respiration in Plants
Chapter 13 – Plant Growth and Development
Chapter 14 – Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Chapter 15 – Body Fluids and Circulation
Chapter 16 – Excretory Products and their Elimination
Chapter 17 – Locomotion and Movement
Chapter 18 – Neural Control and Coordination
Chapter 19 – Chemical Coordination and Integration

Rajus biology understands the difficulties faced by the students in Class 12 while facing Biology, thus, we bring them a solution to lower down the pressure and increase their self-confidence. These biology chapter-wise notes ppt would help students in effective preparation and revision for the examinations.

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