[PPT] Human Reproduction Class 12 Notes

Human Reproduction Class 12 Notes

Human Reproduction class 12 notes cover Male and female reproductive systems; Microscopic anatomy of testis and ovary; Gametogenesis-spermatogenesis & oogenesis; Menstrual cycle; Fertilisation, embryo development upto blastocyst formation, implantation; Pregnancy and placenta formation (Elementary idea); Parturition (Elementary idea); Lactation (Elementary idea).

Human Reproduction Class 12 Notes

◈ Part 1: Male Reproductive System
◈ Part 2: Female Reproductive System
◈ Part 3: Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
◈ Part 4: Menstrual Cycle
◈ Part 5: Fertilisation, Implantation, Parturition And Lactation

Human Reproduction Mock test

Mock Test 1
Mock Test 2
Mock Test 3
Mock Test 4

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