[PPT] Photosynthesis Class 11 Notes

In this article you will get the Photosynthesis class 11 notes powerpoint presentation (PPT)

Photosynthesis Class 11 Notes (TN State Board)

Photosynthesis: introduction, Historical events in photosynthesis, Definition, significance and site of photosynthesis, Photosynthetic pigments, Spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, Properties of light, Photosynthetic unit (quantasome), Absorption spectrum and action spectrum, Emerson s experiments and hill s reaction.

Modern concept of photosynthesis, Photo-oxidation phase of light reaction, Photo chemical phase of light reaction, Photophosphorylation, Chemiosmotic theory, Dark reaction or c3 cycle or biosynthetic phase or photosynthetic carbon reduction (pcr) cycle, Hatch slack pathway or c4 cycle or dicarboxylic acid pathway or dicarboxylation pathway, Crassulacean acid metabolism or cam cycle, Photorespiration or c2 cycle or photosynthetic carbon oxidation (pco) cycle.

Factors affecting photosynthesis, Experiment to determine rate of photosynthesis by wilmott s bubbler, Test tube funnel experiment or experiment to prove oxygen evolved during photosynthesis, Photosynthesis in bacteria

Photosynthesis Class 11 Notes PPT

  1. Part1: Definition, significance and site of photosynthesis
  2. Part 2: Spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, Emersons experiments and hills reaction
  3. Part 3: Light reaction
  4. Part 4: Dark reaction
  5. Part 5: Factors affecting photosynthesis

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