Cockroach Digestive System Short Notes

Cockroach Digestive System Short Notes

In this article we will discuss about the cockroach digestive system

Cockroach Digestive System

  • Cockroach digestive system is responsible for digestion &absorption of food
  • Cockroach digestive system includes alimentary canal and digestive glands

Alimentary canal

  • The alimentary canal has been divided into three main regions: fore gut, mid gut and hind gut

Foregut (stomodeum)

  • Starts from mouth, ending in gizzard & it’s lined internally by cuticle
  • Mouth is ventral in position and surrounded by mouth parts
  • Pharynx is short tube, opening into the oesophagus.
  • Oesophagus ending in crop
  • Crop is the largest part of foregut & serve as a reservoir for storing food
  • Gizzard has outer thick circular muscles and thick inner six chitinous plate called teeth.
  • Gizzard helps in grinding the food particles.
  • Gizzard open in mid gut by stomodial valve

Mid gut or mesenteron

  • It’s not lined by cuticle
  • 4 pairs of tubules are seen at the junction of foregut and mid gut
  • Gastric caeca secrete digestive juice
  • Midgut forms the true stomach serving mainly for digestion and absorption

Hind gut or proctodaeum

  • It’s broader than mid gut and lined internally by cuticle
  • Thin tubules attached at the junction of hind gut and mid gut called malpighian tubules
  • Malphigian tubules help in removal of excretory products from haemolymph
  • Hind gut differentiated into ileum, colon and rectum
  • The rectum opens out through anus

Digestive gland

  • Digestive glands includes salivary glands, the inner lining of mid gut and hep­atic caeca

Salivary glands

  • Pair of salivary glands lies one on each side of the thoracic cavity
  • Salivary ducts of two sides unite to form a common duct
  • These common duct open into the pharynx and near the base of hypopharynx

Hepatic caeca

  • 6-8 small and tubular, finger like blind tubules called hepatic caeca
  • They project freely into the heamocoel from the anterior part of mesenteron
  • They secrete digestive juice

Glands of the midgut

  • The cells of the lining epithelium of the midgut secrete digestive enzymes

How digestive system works in cockroach?

  • Start from mouth, food comes in contact with saliva and passes through the oesophagus into the crop
  • Enzymes of saliva act upon the food till it reaches the crop. Digestion of carbohydrate takes place
  • Hepatic caeca release digestive juice in crop. Most of digestion occur in the crop.
  • Food thoroughly grinded into a paste by gizzard
  • Grinded food enter into midgut through stomodial valve
  • Digestion completes in the anterior part of midgut
  • Absorption of digested food mainly occurs in mid gut
  • Distribution of digested food by heamocoelomic fluid
  • Undigested food enter into the ileum
  • Maximum absorption of H2O occurred in rectum by rectal papilla
  • Undigested food passes out from the body via the anus

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