Connective Tissue Characteristics

Connective Tissue Characteristics

In this article we will discuss about the connective tissue characteristics

Connective Tissue Characteristics

  • It is most abundant and widely distributed tissue
  • Connective tissue that connects and supports different parts of the body
  • Connective tissue is composed of different types of cells and matrix
  • It has small number of cells but have much extracellular matrix
  • The cells are dispersed in a matrix
  • Cells of connective tissue responsible for secreting large amounts of intercellular ground substance
  • The cells in connective tissue have no polarity, and they are widely separated in the extracellular matrix
  • The cells of connective tissue don’t have a basement membrane
  • They are highly vascularised
  • The matrix is composed of ground substance and protein fibers
  • The ground substance is mostly formed of fluid but may also be composed of minerals e.g.: in bones
  • The function of connective tissue is connecting, supporting, protecting, nutrition, defence and repairing.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

Connective tissue connects all organs and tissues throughout the body. Fibrous tissues, cartilage, bone and blood are types of connective tissue. In humans, connective tissue supports and transports material all over the body, so it's widely present in our body.

Connective tissue is composed of cells, ground substance and fibres. Based on major components of cells, connective tissues are classified into three main groups: Loose connective tissue, Dense connective tissue and Specialized connective tissue.

Areolar connective tissue is made up of of cells, fibers and ground substances. In areolar tissue the most abundant cells are fibroblasts and predominant fibers in the matrix are collagen fibers.

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