Mutation Theory Short Note | Evolution Class 12 Notes

In this article we will discuss about Mutation Theory of evolution :- Experiments of hugo de vries
and Evidence of mutation theory

  • Hugo de Vries proposed the mutation theory of evolution in 1901
  • Mutation is sudden change occurring in the genetic material
  • According to him, new species are not formed by continuous variations but by sudden appearance of variations

Experiments of Hugo de vries

  • He conducted his experiments on Oenothera lamarckiana plant
  • He self-pollinated O.lamarckiana and seeds were allowed to grow
  • F1 Generation: Majority similar to parents but a few were different plants
  • Different plants were also self-pollinated and seeds were allowed to grow
  • Next generation majority similar to parents but a few were still more different plants
  • It happened generation after generation
  • These plants appeared to be new species
  • He suggested from his experiments that new species are formed in single step suddenly without any intermediate stage

Mutation Theory

Evidence of Mutation Theory

  • ANCON SHEEP: Short legged variety of sheep which appeared suddenly in England in 1791.
    The breed was artificially selected and maintained for its desirable inability to jump over fences.
  • Hornless Cattle developed as mutation from the homed cattle in 1889
  • Hairless cats have developed through mutations

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