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Pork tapeworm General Characteristics

In this article we will discuss about Pork tapeworm General Characteristics

Pork tapeworm General Characteristics

  • Taenia solium is Endoparasite in small intestine of human beings
  • Taenia solium possesses elongated ribbon or tape like segmented body
  • Body is divided into three parts:- Scolex, Neck and strobila
  • Strobila is long tapering part having large number of protoglottids
  • Protoglottids are three types:- Young, Mature and gravid
  • Apolysis is process of separation of gravid proglottids
  • Digestive system simple, respiration is anerobic and excretion with flame cells
  • Life cycle involve two hosts (Digenetic)
    1. Primary host – Man
    2. Secondary host – Pig
  • Self fertilization occur in mature proglottids
  • Development through many larval stages namely Onchosphere, Hexacanth, Bladder worm and cysticercus
  • Infective stage for primary host – cysticercus
  • Infective stage for secondary host – Onchosphere
  • It causes the disease Taeniasis

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