Reproduction in Organisms Mock Test 1 | NEET Biology Mock Tests Free

#1. In which type of organism it is not easy to categories gametes as male and female gametes-

#2. Which of the following is true about organism with simpler organization?

#3. In which of the following group cell division and reproduction is not same thing-

#4. Not true Strobilanthus kunthiana flower in 12 years is-

#5. Which is not feature of clone?

#6. Which of the following is not unit of vegetative propagation?

#7. Mark the correct statement

#8. Which phase have slowdown of metabolism?

#9. Which of the following have thickest cell wall?

#10. Life span of which type of organism cannot be determined

#11. Which of the following is not monocarpic?

#12. Which of the following is correctly matched?

#13. Which is incorrect regarding Zoospore?

#14. Organism showing menstrual cycle are –

#15. Binary fission is different to bud produce in yeast in following way

#16. Cyclical change in activities of ovary, accessory duct, and hormones are occur in-

#17. Modified stem develop new plant –

#18. Which is necessary condition for sexual reproduction?

#19. Zoospore is/are present in-

#20. Which of the following is not a vegetative propagules?

#21. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

#22. Mark the correct about sexual reproduction –

#23. Which is/are phase involve in organism life cycle undergoing maturity of sex organ?

#24. Which of the following can survive easily in unfavorable condition?

#25. Antherozooid or sperm produced in organism which produced-

#26. Reproductive process in any organism is regulated by

#27. In animals shift from juvenile phase to reproductive phase is mark by –

#28. In given examples how many organism have cell division is a type of reproduction – Chlamydomonas, Spirulina, Pteris, Lactobaccilus, Penicillium, Gonylaux, Euglena, Pseudomonas, Pteris , Spirogyra, Amoeba, Planaria

#29. Which is wrong about water hyacinth?

#30. Organism showing oestrus cycle is –




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