Curcuma pseudomontana medicinal uses

Curcuma pseudomontana flowers

Curcuma pseudomontana J.Graham

In this article we will discuss about the curcuma pseudomontana:- common name, scientific name, medicinal uses and photos.

Common name

  • English names: Hill Turmeric
  • Tamil name: Kattu manjal
  • Hindi name: Kachura

Scientific name

  • Name: Curcuma pseudomontana J.Graham
  • Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)
  • Synonyms: Curcuma grahamiana, Curcuma ranadei

Curcuma pseudomontana medicinal uses

  • The roots are boiled and eaten for leprosy, dysentery, cardiac bugs and general debility.
  • The Savara tribes use tuber extracts to cure jaundice.
  • The slightly warmed tuber paste used to treat swollen body parts.
  • Women of the Jatapu and Savara tribes eat boiled tubers to increase lactation.
  • The Khand tribes apply tuber paste to their heads for a cooling effect.
  • The Kukus Mukus eat fresh tubers of the plant to purify the blood.

Other uses:-

  • Tubers of hill turmeric are boiled and eaten as a source of starch in times of famine.
  • The oblong-lancelike leaves are used as dinner plates.

Hill turmeric photos

Curcuma-pseudomontana flowers

Curcuma-pseudomontana habitat

Curcuma-pseudomontana spike

Curcuma-pseudomontana whole plant

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