6 Factor Affecting Enzyme Activity Short Notes

Factor Affecting Enzyme Activity Notes 

In this article we will discuss about Factors affecting enzyme activity:- 1.Temperature 2.Hydrogen Ion Concentration (pH) 3.Substrate Concentration 4.Water 5.Accumulation of End Products and 6.Inhibitors

1. Temperature

  • Enzymes are sensitive to temperature
  • Optimum temperature is 25′-40′
  • Low temperature enzymes are inactivates
  • High temperature enzymes are denatures

2. Hydrogen Ion Concentration (pH)

  • Different enzymes have different optimum pH
  • Some enzyme prefer acidic pH for Optimum activity E.g. Pepsin (pH 1.2-1.8)
  • Some enzyme prefer alkaline pH for Optimum activity E.g. Trypsin (pH 8.6-8.8)
  • Some enzyme prefer Neutral pH for Optimum activity E.g. amylase (pH 6.8)

Factor Affecting Enzyme Activity

3. Substrate Concentration

  • Increase in the substrate concentration increases the activity of the enzyme until all the active sites of the enzyme molecule are saturated with the substrate.
  • After this saturation the rate of enzymatic reaction becomes steady.
  • Then, the addition of the substrate will not have a positive effect on the velocity of reaction.

4. Water

  • Enzyme activity is suppressed in the absence of water
  • In dry seeds, the enzymes are almost inactive

5. Accumulation of End Products

  • The end product accumulation retards the enzymatic activity
  • The active sites of the enzymes become crowded with the products
  • Thus, the substrate molecules will have comparatively lesser chances of combining with the active sites

6. Inhibitors

  • Inhibitors in the reaction can inhibit enzymatic activity
  • Inhibitors are of different types: i) Competitive inhibitors ii) Noncompetitive inhibitors and iii) Allosteric inhibitors

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