Mineral Nutrition Mock Test 1 | NEET Biology Mock Tests Free

#1. Which of the following bacteria reduce nitrate in soil into nitrogen?

#2. Boron in green plants assists in

#3. Which ofthe following is a free living aerobic nonphotosynthetic nitrogen-fixer?

#4. The product(s) of reaction catalyzed by nitrogenase in root nodules of leguminous plant is / are.

#5. In which of the following all three are macronutrients?

#6. Which is essential for the growth of root tip?

#7. Which of the following can fix atmospheric nitrogen?

#8. Minerals known to be required in large amounts for plant growth include:

#9. A thiobacillus is a group of bacteria helpful in carrying out

#10. Enzyme involved in nitrogen assimilation

#11. The major portion of the dry weight of plants comprises of

#12. Grey spots of oat are caused by deficiency of

#13. A plant requires magnesium for

#14. Which one of the following mineral elements plays an important role in biological nitrogen fixation ?

#15. Which ofthe following is not caused by deficiency of mineral nutrition?

#16. A pair of insectivorous plants is

#17. Which of the following elements is responsible for maintaining turgor in cells?

#18. Which one of the following produces nitrogen fixing nodules on the roots of Alnus?

#19. Which one oft he following is not an essential element for plants ?

#20. Deficiency symptoms of nitrogen and potassium are visible first in:

#21. Passive absorption of minerals depend on

#22. Which aquatic fern performs nitrogen fixation?

#23. Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship between roots of higher plants and

#24. Which one of the following is a micronutrient for plants?

#25. A free living nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium which can also form symbiotic association with the water fern Azolla is

#26. In which of the following forms is iron absorbed by plants?

#27. Which one gives the most valid and recent explanation for stomatal movements?

#28. The major role of minor elements inside living organisms is to act as

#29. The deficiencies of micronutrients, not only affects growth of plants but also vital functions such as photosynthetic and mitochondrial electron flow. Among the list given below, which group of three elements shall affect most, both photosynthetic and mitochondrial electron transport:

#30. Identify a micronutrient for plants amongst the following:




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