NEET Biology Expected Questions 2023

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#1. Flame cells are the excretory structures for

The correct option is Platyhelminthes

  • Flame cell is a specialized excretory cell found in the simplest freshwater invertebrates, including Platyhelminthes.
  • Flame cells function like a kidney and remove waste materials.
  • Bundles of flame cells are called protonephridia.
  • Flame cells function on the basis of filtration & resorption.

#2. Classify 'Rohu' based on the number of chambers in its heart

The correct option is 2 chambered

  • Rohu belongs to Pisces group which has 2 chambered heart (one auricle and one ventricle).
  • In the two chambered heart, mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood takes place.

#3. What is common between parrot, platypus and kangaroo ?

The correct option is Homoiothermy

  • The parrot (bird), and the platypus and the kangaroo (both mammals) are homeothermic or warm-blooded animals.

#4. Which one of the following is of doubtful status in hemichordates?

The correct option is Notochord

  • Hemichordata is closely related to the chordates.
  • The presence of notochord was doubtful as because of the presence of the buccal diverticulum, which is a tubular outgrowth from the mouth cavity forward into the proboscis or snout, resembles a rudimentary notochord.

#5. Algae have cell wall made up of

#6. Laminaria (kelp) and Fucus (rock weed) are the examples of

The correct option is brown algae

  • Laminaria is a genus of 31 species of brown algae commonly called as “kelp”. This economically important genus is characterized by long, leathery laminae and relatively large size.
  • Fucus is a genus of brown algae found in the intertidal zones of rocky seashores almost throughout the world.

#7. Vascular bundles are not found in

The correct option is Bryophytes

  • Bryophytes are non vascular, archgoniate, embryophytic, first land plants.

#8. Which one is responsible for the formation of peat?

The correct option is Sphagnum

  • Sphagnum is a genus of mosses, commonly known as peat moss.
  • Peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter that is unique to natural areas called peatlands. As sphagnum moss grows, it can slowly spread into drier conditions, forming larger peatlands.

#9. Angiosperms are the dominant flora because of

The correct option is Power of adapting in diverse habitats

  • Angiosperms are the most diverse and widespread of all plant groups.
  • Their dominance is due to the power of adaptability in diverse habitat.
  • They are well adapted to terrestrial life and occur in diverse habitats like cold tundra to hot tropical and even desert areas.
  • They also thrive well in the aquatic habitat.
  • Therefore, they being the most successful to have dominated the land flora.

#10. Phylogenetic classification is based on _______

The correct option is evolutionary relationships

  • The phylogenetic system of classification is based on evolutionary relationships.

#11. As we go from species to kingdom in a taxonomic hierarchy, the number of common characteristics

The correct option is Decrease

  • We go from species to kingdom, the number of common characters decreases, while in the descending order, the number of common characteristics increases.
  • For example, any genus (lower grade of classification) has members with more similarities as compared to a family (a higher grade of classification) which has members with fewer similarities among them.



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