Mineral Nutrition Mock Test 4 | NEET Biology Mock Tests Free

#1. Decomposition of organic nitrogen of dead plants and animals into ammonia is called

#2. The element needed for activation of carboxylases and in the synthesis of auxin is

#3. Which of the following sets have only macronutrients?

#4. Symptoms of Mn toxicity in plants may actually be the

#5. During cell division, calcium is used in the synthesis of cell wall, particularly as

#6. What is true about potassium?

#7. Deficiency symptoms of nitrogen, potassium and magnesium are visible first in the

#8. Select the mismatching pair regarding elements that activate enzymes

#9. Nitrogen is the constituents of

#10. Any mineral ion concentration in tissues that reduces the dry weight of tissues by about ...... is considered toxic.

#11. Mineral salts absorbed from soil are translocated through

#12. The technique of growing plants in a defined nutrient solution without soil is known as

#13. The best-defined function of manganese is in the

#14. Which statement is not true regarding magnesium?

#15. The loss of chlorophyll leading to yellowing in leaves is

#16. How many elements are absolutely essential for plant growth and metabolism?

#17. Necrosis (death of tissue) is due to the deficiency of

#18. The process of conversion of atmospheric nitrogen (N2 or N≡N) to ammonia is called

#19. Select the false statement

#20. The main elements essential for determining the solute concentration and the anion-cation balance in cells are

#21. In plants, boron is required for

#22. Regarding hydroponics, which statement is wrong?

#23. Sulphur containing amino acids are

#24. Regarding the process of absorption of elements, which statement is true?

#25. Molybdenum is a component of many enzymes such as

#26. Which of the following sets have only micronutrients?

#27. Main symptom of manganese toxicity is the

#28. In plants, nitrogen is absorbed mainly as

#29. Of the following statements given, which one is the criterion for essentiality of an element?

#30. Micronutrients are needed only in very small amounts of




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