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Peripatus General Characteristics

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General Characteristics of Peripatus

  • Peripatus is a terrestrial animal found living in moist places
  • Commonly called as velvet worms
  • Peripatus is a unique organism. It forms a connecting link between Annelids are Arthropods.
  • Annelidan Characters:
    • Presence of worm like body
    • Appendages are hollow and unjointed
    • Locomotion slow and by peristalsis as in an earthworm
    • Presence of paired Nephridia in every segment
    • Presence of a pair of simple eyes
  • Arthropodan Characters:
    • Presence of a chitinous cuticle
    • Presence of haemocoel
    • Presence of tracheal system
    • Presence of antennae
  • Reproductive organs and the pattern of development is same as in other arthropods

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