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Pheretima General Characteristics

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Pheretima General Characteristics

  • Pheretima posthuma is a fossorial animal
  • Body has long, elongated, cylindrical in shape
  • Earthworm consists of 100-120 small ring-like segments
  • In all the segments of body except first, last and clitellum there is a setae
  • Setae help in locomotion by holding the earth
  • Prominent circular band of glandular tissue known as the clitellum which completely surrounds the segments from 14th to 16th
  • Earthworm is hermaphrodite
  • A pair of male genital apertures are situated in the 18th segment
  • Female genital aperture situated at the ventral side in the 14th segment
  • There are four pairs of small spermathecal apertures lying in the segments of 6,7,8,9
  • Genital papillae are the most prominent structures present in the ventral side of segment 17 and 19
  • Development is direct

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