Volkameria inermis Medicinal Uses

Volkameria inermis L.

In this article we will discuss about the Volkameria inermis :- common name, scientific name, medicinal uses and photos.

Common name

  • English: Embrert, Garden quinine
  • Tamil: Cankan kuppi, Pampu kanni
  • Hindi: Sankuppi
  • Kannada: Kundali gida
  • Marathi: Vanajai
  • Telugu: Etipisangi, Pishinika
  • Malayalam: Cheruchinna, Puzhamulla, Vishamadari

Scientific name

  • Name: Volkameria inermis L.
  • Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)
  • Synonyms: Clerodendrum inerme, Catesbaea javanica, Ovieda inermis

Volkameria inermis Medicinal Uses

  • Leaves of Volkameria inermis and senna auriculata and pure camphor ground with coconut oil and paste applied over the itching part
  • The leaf juice used for head ache
  • The juice of the leaves are used as a remedy to bring down fever
  • The seeds or roots used as a remedy for upset stomach, expecially if caused by poisonous seafood.
  • In Thailand, leaves decoction used in the treatment of skin diseases and itches
  • In Vietnam, a decoction of roasted leaves is considered a remedy for beriberi

Other Uses

  • It’s commonly used as a hedge plant in India
  • Leaf extracts sprayed on tobacco plants early in the season at a dilution of 1:1000 gave good protection against tobacco mosaic virus

Embrert Photos

Clerodendrum inerme

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