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Chondrichthyes General Characteristics

Chondrichthyes General Characteristics and Examples

After reading this article you will learn about Chondrichthyes General Characteristics and Examples

Chondrichthyes General Characteristics

  • These are all marine and cartilaginous fishes
  • Skin covered with minute placoid scales
  • Mouth and nostrils ventral
  • Five to seven pairs of gill slits present but not covered with operculum. Except in the chimaeras
  • Lungs or air bladder absent in these fishes
  • Spiral valves present in intestine
  • Paired fins are broad. The caudal fin is mostly heterocercal
  • Males with claspers, fertilization is internal.
  • They are oviparous or ovoviviparous

Chondrichthyes Examples


  • It is commonly called rabbit fish, rat fish or ghost fish
  • Its connecting link between cartilaginous fish and bony fishes
  • Cartilaginous fish characters – Cartilage skeleton, Claspers and placoid scales
  • bony fishes characters – Operculum, distinct anus and urogenital aperture.


  • It is commonly called dog fish or Indian shark
  • Ampulla of lorenzini help to receives information of temperature fluctuations in water
  • Heterocercal tail is present
  • The claspers help in the copulation
  • It is ovoviviparous
  • Liver oil get from this fish


  • It is commonly called electric ray
  • They are bottom living fish
  • A pair of electric organs are situated on the dorsal side of trunk
  • Both pectoral fins are fused with trunk


  • It is commonly called sting ray
  • It is resembles the electric ray in many aspects but don’t have eclectic organs
  • The tail bearing a spine.
  • the spine makes a severe wound on the victim

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