Epithelial Tissue Characteristics

Epithelial Tissue Characteristics

In this article we will discuss about the epithelial tissue characteristics

Epithelial Tissue Characteristics

  • The epithelial tissue is a type of animal tissue
  • Epithelial tissue forms the lining or covering of internal and external surface of the body
  • Epithelial tissue consists of tightly packed cells with little intercellular space
  • Epithelium either single or multiple layers
  • Epithelial cells sit on fibres and polysaccharides layer is called basement membrane
  • Basement membrane consist of 2 layers:- basal lamina and fibrous lamina
  • It’s usually avascular tissue that means they lack a blood supply, instead they receive nutrients by diffusion from capillaries in connective tissue
  • Epithelium has tightly fitted continuous layer of cells. There are specialised junctions present between the cells of the epithelium, that link individual cells called intercellular junction
  • Epithelial tissue have high capability to regenerate
  • On the basis of number of cell layers the epithelial tissue classified as 2 types:- Simple epithelium and compound epithelium
  • Function of epithelial tissue is protection, filtration, lubrication, secretion, digestion, absorption, transportation, excretion, sensory reception and reproduction.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

Epithelial tissue covers external and internal lining of our body. Common example of epithelial tissue is skin. Our skin made up of stratified squamous epithelium. This type of epithelium usually has protective functions

Protection, secretion, absorption and filtration is the four main functions of epithelial tissues

Yes, that means epithelial tissue lacks blood vessels. They get food and other materials from connective tissue through a basement membrane.

Simple epithelial tissue found in lung alveoli, parietal layer of bowman’s capsule of kidney, inner aspect of tympanic membrane, mesothelium and endothelium.

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