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Hemichordata General Characteristics

Hemichordata General Characteristics, Classification and Examples

After reading this article you will learn about Hemichordata General Characteristics, Classification and Examples

Hemichordata General Characteristics

  • The body is cylindrical, unsegmented and divided into three parts:- Proboscis, Collar and Trunk.
  • Stomochord is a hollow outgrowth arise from the roof of buccal cavity and it is present in proboscis
  • Respiration takes place through gill
  • Circulatory system is open type and blood is colourless
  • Respiratory pigment vanadium is present
  • Excretion occurs through proboscis gland
  • Reproduction is sexual and they unisexual
  • Fertilization is external and development is indirect with tornaria larva
  • Hemichordata is connecting link between non-chordates and chordates

Classification of Hemichordata

Class 1. Enteropneusta

  • They are solitary animals
  • Trunk long
  • Alimentary canal straight
  • Mouth and anus at opposite ends
  • E.g. Balanoglossus, Saccoglossus

Class 2. Pterobranchia

  • Sedentary and colonial marine animals
  • Trunk short, sac-like
  • Alimentary canal U-shaped
  • Anus situated near the mouth at the same end
  • E.g. Rhabdopleura, Cephalodiscus

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