Internal Structure of Monocot Stem Notes | Free Biology Notes

Internal Structure of Monocot Stem

Internal Structure of Monocot Stem Notes

This article we will discuss about Internal Structure of Monocot Stem

The transverse section of a monocot stem reveals the following structures


  • Epidermis is a outermost layer and made up of parenchymatous cells
  • Cuticle is a protective layer, covers this layer
  • Trichomes or hairs are lacking
  • Epidermis has following functions
    • Minimize the rate of transpiration
    • Protects from mechanical injury
    • Prevents the entry of harmful organisms
    • Helps in the exchange of gases through stomata


  • This layer present just below the epidermis and multi-layered of sclerenchyma cells
  • Hypodermis has following functions: helps in mechanical support


  • Its present below the hypodermis and made up of rounded cells of parenchyma cells
  • There is no differentiation of general cortex, endodermis, pericycle, pith, and rays
  • In some grasses, wheat etc. the central portion of ground tissue becomes hollow is called pith cavity
  • Ground tissue has following functions: Storage of food

Vascular bundles

  • Vascular bundles are irregularly scattered in the ground tissues is called atactostele
  • These are conjoint, collateral, and closed vascular bundle
  • Vascular bundles in the peripheral region are smaller in size and compactly arranged
  • Vascular bundles in the central region are larger in size and widely placed
  • Vascular bundles oval in shape and surrounded by a sheath of sclerenchymatous tissue is called bundle sheath
  • Vascular bundle consists of xylem and phloem
  • Ground tissue has following functions: conduction of water and food materials

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