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In this article we will discuss about Liver fluke General Characteristics

Liver fluke General Characteristics

  • Liver fluke is found commonly in freshwater
  • Fasciola hepatica is an endoparasite of sheep
  • The liver fluke has unsegmented body with two suckers
  • Digestion is holozoic, respiration is anaerobic and excretion with flame cells
  • Life history involve two hosts (Digenetic parasite)
    1. Primary host – Sheep & Goat
    2. Secondary host – Garden snail
  • Adult fluke is found in bile duct and liver of sheep and causes liver rot
  • Shows many larval stages namely miracidium > sporocyst > Redia > Cercaria > Metacercaria >
  • Eaten by sheep and develops into adult fluke
  • Infective stage for primary host – Metacercaria
  • Infective stage for secondary host – Miracidium

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