Cockroach Nervous System Short Notes

Cockroach Nervous System Short Notes

In this article we will discuss about the cockroach nervous system

Cockroach Nervous System

  • Nervous system transmits signals between the brain and the rest of the body
  • Nervous system of cockroach can be divisible into three parts: central, peripheral and sympathetic system

Central nervous system

  • CNS consists of nerve ring and ventral nerve cord

Nerve ring

  • Supra-oesophageal ganglion is located in head region
  • From the supra oesophageal ganglia arise two circumoesophageal connectives
  • These tissues encircle oesophagus and meet below it with the sub oesophageal ganglion
  • Sub oesophageal ganglion is also situated in the head and formed by the fusion of 3 pairs of ganglia
  • They together constitute the nerve ring

Nerve cord

  • Paired, longitudinal, solid nerve cord is located on ventral side of body
  • Nerve cord has nine segmental ganglia
  • Three large ganglia in thorax and six in abdomen
  • Last ganglion is located in 7th abdominal segment

Peripheral Nervous System

  • Several nerves arises from CNS and innervate different part of body is called peripheral nervous system
  • Brain supplies paired nerves to eyes and antennae
  • Suboesophageal ganglia supplies paired nerves to mandibles, maxillae, and labium.

Autonomous System

  • It consists of 5 ganglia located on different parts of foregut and are inter-connected by nerves
  • It regulates peristalsis movement in foregut (involuntary activity)

Cockroach Sense organs

  • Proprioreceptors : they are for hearing or receiving sound vibrations. Auditory receptors are present on antenna and anal cerci.
  • Thigmoreceptors : they are receptors for touch. Thigmoreceptors are present on body, antenna, maxillary palps and legs.
  • Olfactory receptors : they receive various smells. Olfactory receptors are present on antenna
  • Gustatory receptors : they are for sense of taste. Gustatory receptors are present on maxilla and labial palps
  • Compound eyes: in cockroach vision is mosaic

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