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Internal Structure of Monocot Root Notes

This article we will discuss about Internal Structure of Monocot Root

The transverse section of a monocot Root reveals the following structures

Epiblema / rhizoderm / piliferous layer

  • Epiblema is outermost layer & composed of thin-walled, closely packed parenchymatous cells
  • The cuticle and stomata are absent
  • Most of epidermal cells extend out in form of tubular hairs is called root hairs
  • Epiblema has following functions: uptake of water and mineral salts from the soil and provide maximum surface area for absorption


  • It is present below the epiblema
  • Cortex consists of many layers of thin-walled rounded or polygonal parenchymatous cells with intercellular spaces
  • Cortex has following functions: store food and conduct water from epiblema to the inner tissues


  • This layer is barrel shaped cells present between the pericycle and cortex
  • Casparian strips are present on wall of endodermis
  • Endodermis has following functions: It is regulate the flow of water and dissolved salts from the cortex to the xylem


  • Pericycle present below the endodermis and made up of single layer of thick walled parenchymatous cells
  • Pericycle has following functions: Lateral roots arise in this tissue

Vascular tissue

  • Vascular tissues are in radial and exarch
  • Vascular system consists of alternating strands of xylem and phloem
  • The xylem and the phloem are separated by a layer of sclerenchymatous conjunctive tissue.
  • Conjunctive tissues help in the storage of food and mechanical support
  • Xylem may show exarch & polyarch conditions
  • Metaxylem vessels are generally circular in shape


  • Pith is well developed in monocot root
  • Central portion usually composed of thin-walled parenchymatous cells
  • Pith cells serve to store food

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