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Internal Structure of Monocot Leaf

Internal Structure of Monocot Leaf Notes

This article we will discuss about Internal Structure of monocot leaf

The transverse section of a monocot leaf reveals the following structures


  • A monocot leaf is generally isobilateral leaf
  • It has upper and lower epidermis

I) Upper epidermis

  • Outermost layer present on the upper side of the leaf
  • Made up of a single layer of parenchymatous
  • Cuticle layer is present on the upper epidermis
  • Stomata is present on both upper and lower epidermis
  • Some parenchymatous cells on the upper epidermis are large and thin-walled are known as bulliform cells
  • Bulliform cells make the leaves curl during water stress and helps to reduce water loss

II) Lower epidermis

  • Outermost layer present on the lower side of the leaf
  • Single layer, parenchymatous & covered with cuticle
  • Number of stomata is equal on both the epidermis
  • Stomata is surrounded by dumb bell shaped guard cells
  • Function of epidermis: protective layer, exchange of gases and facilitates the transpiration

Mesophyll tissue

  • Present between the upper and lower epidermis, there is an entire mass of ground tissue called mesophyll
  • Unlike dicot leaf, no differentiation is observed in the mesophyll as palisade and spongy parenchyma
  • The cells are made up of parenchyma and are irregularly arranged with intercellular spaces
  • These cells contain chloroplasts and can take part in the process of photosynthesis

Vascular bundle

  • A large number of vascular bundles are present
  • Each vascular bundle consists of xylem and phloem
  • Vascular tissues are surrounded by a sheath of cells made up of parenchyma called bundle sheath
  • Vascular bundle is conjoint, collateral and closed
  • Functions of V.B: conduct water and food materials


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