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Sepia General Characteristics

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General Characteristics of Sepia

  • It is a marine mollusc commonly called cuttle-fish
  • Body is distinguished into head, neck and trunk
  • Head is round and bears two large and bulging eyes, 4 pairs of small straight and forwardly directed arms and a pair of long, curved and clubbed tentacles
  • Collar is reduced and is hidden beneath the trunk
  • Trunk bears a thick and broad lateral fin, all along its length
  • The shell is internal called “cuttlebone”
  • Shell of sepia is used as a source of calcium for pet birds
  • An ink gland is present which ejects ink-like fluid as a device to escape from the enemy.
  • Sexes separate and development is direct
  • In male the left tentacle is hectocotelyzed and is used for copulation

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