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Palaemon General Characteristics

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Palaemon General Characteristics

  • Prawn is common in rivers, ponds and marine water areas
  • The body of prawn is divided into Cephalothorax and Abdomen
  • Cephalothorax have 13 pairs of appendages on the ventral side
  • First fivepairs of appendages are Antenulle, Antenna, Mandible, First maxilla and Sec maxilla
  • Remaining 8 pairs appendages are 3 pairs of maxillipeds and 5 pairs of walking legs
  • Cephalothorax is covered by a hard covering known as Carapace
  • Abdomen consists of six segments
  • Every segment of the abdomen there is a pair of appendages called Pleopods
  • Pleopods used for swimming
  • Gills are primary respiratory organs in prawn
  • Excretory organs of Prawn are known as green glands

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