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Palamnaeus General Characteristics

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Palamnaeus General Characteristics

  • These are commonly known as Scorpions and lives under stones and burrows
  • Body divided into capahalothorax and abdomen
  • Capahalothorax is unsegmented and covered by carapace
  • The prosoma has two eyes on top and two to five lateral eyes along each side
  • The prosoma bears six pairs of appendages
    • First pair is chelicerae
    • Second padipalp
    • Remaining four pairs are walking legs
  • Abdomen is divided into Mesosoma and Metasoma
  • Mesoma made of seven segments. 3-6 segments bear paired book lungs for respiration
  • Metasoma slender, movably appendages but is armed with poison apparatus
  • poison apparatus comprises an ampulla and curved spine
  • Sexes are separate and animals are viviparous

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